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Sewing Patterns

Simflex Sewing Gauge


Measures multiple equal distances - Use for fast accurate placement of buttons,hooks, dress pleats & more - Also use for shirring, smocking, pleats, tucks, gathers, strips - Use for cakes, portion slicing, candle placing

Sewing Patterns

Supplement 296



40 Sewing Patterns for the season winter/spring 2018/2019

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The ultimate tool for designing, drawing and altering sewing patterns. Great for curves like armholes, sleeves, collars, necklines, crotch curves etc.  

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Includes 280 sewing pattern, DVD and written instruction, a tool kit, Acrylic Tailor- and Designercurve.

Sewing Patterns

XL/XXL New Supplement


The XL and XXL new collection consists of 64 fashion styles with their corresponding pattern designs. These patterns can only be made with the XL/XXL tape measure with the blue scale.

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