Sewing Patterns and Dress Making Patterns using Lutterloh’s Golden rule with Curves and Paper

£169.00 £145.00

Includes 280 sewing patterns, DVD and written instruction, a tool kit, Acrylic Tailor- and Designercurve and 4 Rolls of drafting paper.  

£139.50 £129.00

Includes 280 sewing pattern, DVD and written instruction, a tool kit, Acrylic Tailor- and Designercurve.


280 Sewing Patterns and Fashion Designs.  DVD and written Instruction, a tool kit and a cardboard tailor curve.


The ultimate tool for designing, drawing and altering sewing patterns. Great for curves like armholes, sleeves, collars, necklines, crotch curves etc.  


consists of written instruction an instruction DVD, sewing hints, 97 fashion styles with their corresponding sewing patterns, a cardboard tailors curve and a tool-set.


40 Sewing Patterns for the season winter, spring 2017, 2018. In this Supplement you will find sewing and dress patterns for women and children.


Measures multiple equal distances - Use for fast accurate placement of buttons,hooks, dress pleats & more - Also use for shirring, smocking, pleats, tucks, gathers, strips - Use for cakes, portion slicing, candle placing


54 sewing patterns and fashion styles for children. Children patterns for bathrobe, swimming suite, trouser, jackets, shirts, and much much more...


consists of written instruction an instruction DVD, sewing hints, 97 fashion styles with their corresponding sewing patterns, a cardboard tailors curve and a tool-set.


74 Sewing Patterns for fuller figure. Dress Patterns for skirts, trousers, blouses, shirts, dresses and much more


One year subscription 4 Supplements with 160 sewing patterns and fashion designs. You will receive for one year the newest seasonal editions.


72 fashion styles and sewing pattern for fuller figure


76 fashion styles and sewing patterns for fuller figure


70 fashion styles & pattern designs for men


The ideal paper to draft your sewing patterns on. Each roll is 0,70 m wide and 10 m long or 27 inches wide and 10 yards long.  

A Family Tradition 

In 1935, Maria Lutterloh came up with an ingenious System for making customized dressmaking patterns from a single template.

The system, called the ‘Golden Rule’, was based upon the ‘Golden Section’ or ‘Golden Ratio’, a system used in the art world for centuries to determine the ratios used to find the proper relative measurements for different parts of the human body.

Leonardo Da Vinci famously illustrated this ratio in his iconic drawing of a man with arms outstretched inside a circle with measurements and formulae inscribed within the drawing.

Seeing the possibilities in the ‘Golden Ratio’ with regard to dressmaking and sewing patterns, Ms. Aigenberger went to work and came up with an elegant and timeless dressmaking solution.

So exacting and foolproof was this system that it is still being used today by dressmakers all over the world to easily create multiple copies in different measurements of a single particular dress pattern.

This pattern system was handed down through the years and Silvia Lutterloh is currently the family member bringing the ingenious Golden Rule system to the world.

Using the Body’s Measurements 

The system uses a small template and an ingeniously calibrated tailor’s tape measure to quickly and easily have you making full- customizes dress patterns in a multitude of sizes. By following the simple instructions, The Golden Rule will have the beginning dressmaker turning out patterns worthy of a professional tailor in no time at all.

Dressing the World

Today, the Lutterloh Golden Rule pattern system for dressmaking patterns has been translated into 17 languages and is distributed in 30 countries around the world. The instructions on how to use the system are written down and included as part of a number of the product packages. They’re also included as DVD and in a video on the website.

The Golden Rule is available in a variety of products starting with the top-of-the-line complete Golden Rule dressmaking package. This package contains the specialized tape measure that is the heart of the system, a tool kit, DVD and written instructions, Acrylic Tailor and Designer curves and 280 timeless sewing and dressmaking patterns especially for you.

There is also a wide range of smaller packages of tools and patterns to suit every dressmakers need. There are packages containing lines of patterns for men’s and children’s clothing, as well as packages of women’s summer and autumn clothing and a number of packages of women’s fuller-figured patterns.

There are also a number of packages that come with a supplementary subscription, which provides the dressmaker with 4 additional supplements of the latest seasonal patterns throughout the year.

They even can supply the dressmaker with rolls of replacement pattern paper. Most of their customers find that the process is so easy that while their wardrobe grows quickly, they need to stock up pattern paper.

Ordering Couldn’t Be Simpler

Online ordering is easy through the website. Payment can be made using PayPal and most major credit cards, including MasterCard and Visa Credit Card.

Find out how easy it is to become a custom dressmaker by using the Golden Rule system. Choose a product package that suits your dress style and get started today.