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Includes 280 sewing patterns, DVD and written instruction, a tool kit, Acrylic Tailor- and Designercurve and 4 Rolls of drafting paper.  

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Includes 280 sewing pattern, DVD and written instruction, a tool kit, Acrylic Tailor- and Designercurve.


280 Sewing Patterns and Fashion Designs.  DVD and written Instruction, a tool kit and a cardboard tailor curve.


The ultimate tool for designing, drawing and altering sewing patterns. Great for curves like armholes, sleeves, collars, necklines, crotch curves etc.  


On this DVD fabulous May Martin will give you many tips and tricks how to sew a beautiful dress.

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One year subscription 4 Supplements with 160 sewing patterns and fashion designs. You will receive for one year the newest seasonal editions.


40 Sewing Patterns for the summer 2020. In this supplement you will find patterns for summer dresses, tops, trousers, children pattern, vintage pattern etc.


76 fashion styles and sewing patterns for fuller figure


Seam Allowance Guide


Seam Allowance Guide for Scissors. No more tracing around pattern pieces.  


Simflex Sewing Gauge


Measures multiple equal distances - Use for fast accurate placement of buttons,hooks, dress pleats & more - Also use for shirring, smocking, pleats, tucks, gathers, strips - Use for cakes, portion slicing, candle placing

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